AuveTech – KODA partnership created the world’s smallest electric car showroom

Auvetech's self-driving car in front of a KODA, photo by Paula Adamson

The partnership between AuveTech and Kodasema once again demonstrates KODA’s multifunctionality ranging from home, office, hotel and café to arguably the world’s smallest car showroom. Just as the future cities movement globally, we jointly contribute into the polycentered cities making housing, infrastructure and services available in multiple smaller urban centres and communities in a sustainable way.

AuveTech – the world’s most compact and flexible level 4 autonomous shuttle suits well into the existing infrastructure, today already operating on public roads in Estonia, Finland and Greece. The first and last mile transport of goods and people is always most expensive and inefficient. The AuveTech minibus is a last mile transport vehicle, which does not require additional investments into infrastructure, moreover can access and commute on narrower streets. Up to 25 driverless vehicles may be virtually monitored by a single person optimising multiple jobs for example in hotels, resorts and university campuses.

Former Prime Minister of Estonia, now Chairman of the Board at AuveTech Taavi Rõivas, is happy to pursue conquering the world’s cities together with Kodasema. “KODA has quickly provided us with a beautiful contemporary office and workshop-showroom for our engineers to work in. Moving ahead with our plans in Europe and North America, we want to take standard showroom solutions with us,” Rõivas explains. Founder of Kodasema Hannes Tamjärv adds that the sustainable infrastructure and housing solutions of the two companies combined are a great example of smart city innovations, so that we live and work in well-connected smaller hubs, responsive to human needs. By living small we automatically consume less and that will be replicated globally.

According to the CEO of AuveTech, Johannes Mossov, improving public transport will decrease the need to commute by car – this means less noise, pollution and more space and greenery for people in the urban environment. “We are glad to see that AuveTech and Kodasema are working towards the same objectives – as Kodasema’s off-site production in the housing sector is similarly contributing to less noise, waste and pollution in cities resulting in healthier urban climate where people live in resilient communities.”