A New and Extended KODA House – Your Next Spacious Hub

KODA Loft Extended front_Photo by_TonuTunnel.com
  • KODA Loft Extended_living space natural light Photo by TonuTunnel.com


Kodasema’s brand new model of the KODA Loft – the nearly 40 sqm KODA Loft Extended – is welcoming visitors in Tallinn demo house. Interior Architect of the KODA Loft Extended Angela Orgusaar says:

“With this model we wanted to show how versatile a KODA house can be, when combining different materials on the exterior and interior, whilst playing with different colours instead of the simple white and black we have used so far. I wanted to show contrasts between the smooth plywood and rough sawn timber. The navy look turned out to be very funky, yet pamperingly luxurious at the same time.

The house is compact and uses space in a smart way. There is plenty of storage space which makes it a very convenient home or secondary residence for couples and families. Offices can now have a meeting room or separated working space in the extra room at the back of the house. Whilst maintaining the structure and KODA architecture – we can use the interior for a number of purposes and change whenever desired.”

Even the Extended version of the KODA house can be delivered to you on a truck as a whole – turn-key solution.

Read more at https://kodasema.com/koda-loft-extended/

Photo credit: Tõnu Tunnel