A Kodasema US Joint Venture in the making



With the tiny housing movement’s steady growth in the US, it comes as no surprise that KODA receives a constant stream of love letters from across the Atlantic, with daily enquiries “when will you be in the US?”.

Kodasema CEO Birgit Linnamäe and founder Hannes Tamjärv have spent months liaising with partners in the US. We’re now happy to report that upon touring the East Coast, significant steps have been made to establish a legal entity and start our US deliveries in Summer 2020.

In our next Newsletter we will be introducing the entity and people who, consulting the US building code compliance, are working on the necessary adjustments to KODA models. Using various technologies, manufacturers in North America are already preparing KODA to best cater to the needs of different climate conditions, stacking and high-rise.

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