A Dutch testimonial: Shakira’s KODA journey

As more and more KODAs travel across Europe, we are also receiving testimonials from our clients which we are happy to share with you. Here’s one about KODA Loft Extended from the Netherlands, where Shakira is now a permanent KODA-resident. Thank you for the kind words, Shakira!

Photo: Shakira van Oostveen

My journey started in Tallinn, Estonia. I wanted to see and ‘feel’ the KODA before making the decision: buying or not. The service was very good, as was the warm welcome! I received all the necessary information: not just about the technical ins and outs, but also about the whole idea behind this project. Actually, this made it even easier for me to decide and buy my own KODA, extended version.

During the time my KODA was built, I received pictures and every information that might be or become important to me.

The cooperation between Kodasema and Wonen in Hout BV, Soest, The Netherlands, was also a big help: not one question remained unanswered. The answer always came within a day; from Wonen in Hout or via Kodasema.

After placing my beautiful KODA (which, by the way, was arranged without any action needed from me) my dream became reality: living in a small but very complete house. Made to feel comfortable and reckoning with our precious planet: very well insulated, everything is made to use as little energy as possible, all the materials are top quality and the finishing is so beautiful!

So, without any exaggeration, I can say: it was the best decision I took to buy and live in my own KODA, extended version!