Why modular build is a safer choice for developers

Chalet Park Maier in Austria, photo by Kelli Roosimägi

Occasionally, we hear stories of people opting for old-style, on-site build instead of modular, and suffering enormous increases in costs due to lack of building materials, lack of labour / craftsmen, as well as delayed and unpredictable deadlines. Inflation, fluctuating supply, and a pandemic make for an especially bad combination for an on-site, traditional real-estate development.

If you want to stick to your fixed budget with the build as well as ensure predictable quality, going for a prefabricated house is a much safer solution. KODAs are built – rather, one should say the houses are produced, much like cars – in an indoor environment by people who know their work, as they have honed their skills on the same type of modular workflow, over and over again. Processes are precisely documented and technically 3D modelled and managed, leaving no room for tolerances in precision. We’re proud to have rarely had to extend any deadlines.

All materials used in a KODA are CE certified. Supplying the materials is done by our trusted partners such as Raitwood, Viking Window, Nilan, Berker, Blum, to name a few. As we also, upon request, deliver KODAs fully furnished, this includes furniture makers Rave Mööbel, Treimann Furniture, Furgner, Toku, Evoline, Vepsäläinen and other talented brands.

Prior to ordering a KODA, our customers get a detailed overview in the form of a list of equipment with links to specific products – from sockets and kitchen appliances to colour codes. Any replacements are pre-agreed with the customers and done using equivalent items.

This all adds up to modular factory built KODA being a safe choice for bigger-scale real estate developers as well as single-house customers afraid of current, volatile times.

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