Want to go fully offgrid? Equip your KODA with Spacedrip!

Spacedrip water purification system

Off-grid houses need a water supply and wastewater treatment technology >>> introducing Spacedrip Water Treatment Robots, an affiliate of Kodasema.

“Where will I get my water when I want to place my KODA in the middle of nowhere, far away from civilization?” No more wondering, because Spacedrip, a Kodasema affiliate, will help you solve that problem.

Kodasema offices have been off-grid for 2 years

Did you know that Kodasema offices have been off-grid, when it comes to water and sewage, for more than 2 years already, using Spacedrip water circulation system? Water that is used in the office for cooking, making coffee, washing the dishes, and sanitation, comes from the Spacedrip Water Circulation System. Due to KODA’s movability – yes, even our office is moving quite often, due to our constant growth – the water system is located in a tiny sea container and travels with the office.

Why we use Spacedrip: although Kodasema HQ is located in a country with great water quality and clean water widely available, we recognize that clean water is fast becoming a scarce resource in many other places. By 2025, half the world’s population will live in areas that are running out of water, according  to UNICEF. We want to make sure KODA is part of the solution, not the problem – so knowing that KODA owners can have a trusted solution for their water needs, regardless of where their KODA is located, is important to us.

After 3 years of intense work by Spacedrip’s group of engineers, scientists, technicians and programmers, after numerous prototype units being tested over years, a water circulation system for freestanding houses as well as for whole micro house communities has been commercially released. A victory for engineering and science!

A fully autonomous water system 

Spacedrip provides you with the freedom to live anywhere without worrying about water. The system is fully automated, low maintenance and has live testing to ensure you have pure and safe drinkable water. Spacedrip’s equipment is easy to transport, install and maintain – it’s a revolutionary step in the water treatment industry and now available to small property owners.

Yes, it’s safe

Purified water meets the EU’s Council Directive 98/83/EC drinking water standards. The local health board lab can be provided with regular tests for multiple-level approval and safety. Real-time water quality monitoring and water disinfection guarantees safe and drinkable water quality. The water is tasteless, odorless and absolutely safe to drink. Any irregularities of the automation are detected by the sensors immediately, and notified via a Spacedrip app. Water that doesn’t meet the standards won’t make it to the tap, it is sent back to purification.

Hospitality and water circulation

Using a water robot provides a guaranteed water supply for even the most distant locations, so setting up a rental cottage or a tiny hotelroom in a remote area is made a lot easier by Spacedrip systems. Costs can be cut significantly, depending on the water prices in your region, and the consumption.

What does it look like and what’s the size?

There are several models ranging from 1 to 50 households. All Spacedrip water circulation systems can be placed on the ground, attached to the house, put in a separate little building that matches your KODA. Spacedrip water circulation systems can also be put underground, so that the whole system will be hidden from sight.