Who’s responding to all your KODA sales enquiries?

Kodasema's Customer Relations Manager - Ülle Penjam

A few months ago we had an addition to our team at the Headquarters. As the sales numbers of KODAs have constantly been increasing, our small team was in urgent need of a professional sales person. We were lucky to have met Ülle Penjam with her extensive experience in customer relations and sales.

Ülle’s sales and marketing experience derives from different industries. She started her career in the field in IT distribution during the era with no worldwide internet available: back when Lotus Notes, IBM PC-s and Macintosh computers ruled the world. Later, she had a chance to experience Microsoft culture. Before joining our team she contributed to the world’s leading brands in heavy machinery used in golf courses, gardening, agriculture and construction. Organising communication and marketing campaigns, partner and field events, fairs and launches has been a big part of her professional career.

Ülle has always led a very active lifestyle: hiking, playing beach volleyball or travelling. But one of the biggest influencers of the way she sees and experiences the world around her has been studying and practising kundalini yoga. She is a yoga practitioner and a yoga teacher. And that’s not all! When not “flying” whilst meditating, Ülle is studying to become a pilot, to fly aeroplanes. She is passionate about conscious living and personal development, communication and teamwork, innovation and technology, sustainability and corporate governance. “I do not believe in miracles, I rely on them.”

When we asked Ülle which is her favourite KODA model – and why – here’s what she said: “I think it has to be the KODA Loft, but with the big side window as an extra. I really like the toilet and kitchen layout in the Loft and also that there’s a window upstairs, on the mezzanine. And I’d love to install a Loft somewhere by a river and enjoy the views of the stream from the large side window.”

So if you’re sending us your KODA enquiries, it will most likely be Ülle responding and preparing your offers and Sales Agreements. We are very excited to have Ülle in the team, helping us learn and grow.

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