Kodasema: ways to grow production; volatile fuel prices impact transport costs

KODA in production photo by Henno Luts

Kodasema has had a busy March – the world increasingly needs high-quality tiny housing. We’re grateful for having our production at full speed, whilst contributing to housing shortage wherever our customers take us. The KODA production order book at our own small-scale manufacturing has become pressing, so we are exploring ways to increase the capacity – all in order to flexibly cover more of your small and medium-size orders, whilst larger batches of KODAs continue to be produced by our big-scale production partners such as Harmet.

Even during the darkest times, politically, of our lifetime – with the Russian forces invading Ukraine and their atrocities against the sovereign country, the best we can do is keep calm and keep working. We work to ensure our people have stability with jobs and make our contribution to international trade with an embargo on trade with Russia.

The impact of Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine is reshaping many aspects of life – nowhere, of course, as bluntly as in Ukraine. Construction is among the many sectors suffering and soon the free world will have to join forces to help rebuild Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine has caused natural gas prices in Europe almost to double and sent oil prices soaring to over $110 a barrel. We truly appreciate your collaboration and understanding to keep up with the price increase of raw materials as well as the volatility of the shipping costs. With fuel prices rising, the delivery costs of KODAs are impacted, so we will be adding a separate fuel surcharge to the transport costs.