Kodasema is raising new capital for a significant scale-up

Lifting of KODA Loft. Photo by ©-hanova-Stabil-Grazil

Kodasema, with presence in 15 countries and on 3 continents, operating with 2 business models – direct sales and licensing – is at a scaling-up turning point in its corporate life.

After creating and developing the most advanced modular housing platform on the market, our shareholders are now looking to scale up the business significantly, and this will allow a pivotal institutional investor to lead in the industries they serve.

The vision of Kodasema is to address the pressing global housing crisis with quality architecture and design, affordability, energy efficiency, minimalist design and less disruptive offsite construction.

Sustainability is the founding principle of Kodasema:

Private and public sectors need to work together more closely to create housing that is adaptable, quick and easy to be erected, transformable and of high-grade, serving human needs in the best possible and sustainable way.

Kodasema uses design, materials and centrally standardized building methods that provide energy, thermal, acoustic, space and functional efficiencies in a future-proof movable KODA house. We support urban planning innovation, including redensification, modernizing zoning laws, downsizing and beyond.

Our aim is to reduce the CO2 footprint and energy waste in the real estate industry, globally, beginning with the construction process up to the end of a KODA’s lifespan being turned into circularity.

Kodasema’s modular housing and central manufacturing allow for a more efficient production process, higher quality, fewer errors, upgraded design, and flexibility for quickly housing new populations at a lower cost – responding to needs much faster than construction has usually been able to.

Institutional investment opportunity in a standardized, sustainable, luxury proptech concept for movable tiny houses.

Over the forecasted period, Kodasema is projected to achieve a turnover of 40M Euro and an EBITDA margin above 22%.

We are disrupting the global market with several unique selling points. Making construction more flexible and efficient in its planned modular robotic micro-factories, Kodasema holds unique know-how and experience on the building requirements and rules of different geographies, and has the ability to produce according to those regulations.

We can maintain consistent high quality, whilst producing certified houses and making the production scalable. KODA by Kodasema global brand, carefully developed, protected and associated with quality in design and architecture, is recognised by architecture and design awards and visually familiar to potential users.

Furthermore, to counteract the outdated planning laws and spatial standards, building cities and rural communities with Kodasema houses allows to quickly – and with minimal noise pollution and hassle – transform small pockets of urban space for temporary or permanent use as housing, services or commercial space.

Depending on the market, we can flexibly choose between in-house affiliate manufacturing innovation in the form of robotic micro-factories, and a business-model innovation through licensing. No matter which business model, further heavy digitization and automation is planned.

The funding will be used to meet current demand and take advantage of the scaling opportunity. Part will be invested in the extension and standardization of production with new technologies, further patents in various regions of the expansion targets, key showrooms as well as more in-house sales, support, R&D and marketing staff.

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