Kodasema at Proptech Hamburg: “5 reasons why…”

Birgit Linnamäe at Proptech Hamburg 2022

Sustainability has been a founding principle of Kodasema. By living smaller and consuming fewer things, the footprint one leaves on the environment is already tinier. In order to support this minimalist mindset of change, Kodasema regularly participates in events related to sustainability and environmental social governance (ESG). Proptech might be first and foremost, the use of IT and technologies to manage, buy and sell property, but also to use technology and innovation to construct, or more and more to produce property off-site.

Thus in September, Kodasema CEO Birgit Linnamäe gave a keynote speech at the Proptech Hamburg conference at the famous KAMPNAGEL. The speakers and stands included high-quality contributions and talks about digital transformation and sustainability in the real estate sector, the proptech ecosystem was represented by over 200 delegates including the world’s leading real estate companies, proptechs, VCs, media and institutional investors.

The way we live our lives changes with our age – therefore, our need for property changes. Properties exist and live through change and it is important that properties start enabling the change. So when our cities or neighbourhoods need to adjust to the need for e.g. bigger schools or smaller offices, smaller homes or more senior homes, modular movable, offsite-built houses such as KODA offer an excellent solution to enable those transformations of communities.

The keynote speech was about “5 reasons why movable property development is the ESG sector for investing” – read the presentation slides here.

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