KODA user testimonial from Tallinn

Luis Steinmetz_Photo by Getter Raiend

German student Luis resided in Tallinn KODA Park during his internship of 3 weeks.

I immediately noticed the simple, modern wood design with the large windows on the outside, welcoming you to step in. The small terrace in front with a table and chairs was inviting, too – I could sometimes have breakfast outdoors or enjoy a piece of cake and a coffee in the afternoon.

Luis says he was surprised by how spacious KODA feels inside, considering the size. We must admit that this is one of the main characteristics as well as eye-catchers of the KODAs – the height and spaciousness.

On the first floor, next to the dining table there is a fully equipped kitchen, so I was able to cook several times during my stay. In addition to the stove, sink and refrigerator, it even has a dishwasher, which luckily saved me from having to wash dishes by hand. The bed is comfortably located on the mezzanine floor. The bathroom, next to the kitchen, is well thought-out with a toilet and shower and stylishly furnished so that I never felt cramped.

Luis also noticed that the insulation kept the house nice and warm as well as quiet. He didn’t feel disturbed even though there were a lot of people passing by due to KODA Park’s proximity to Tallinn’s lively harbour.

Despite the interior decoration there is still space for a large suitcase and a clothes rack without ever feeling that I have too little space or that something is in the way.