KODA has arrived Down Under!

KODA Loft in Australian outback_Photos combined_TõnuTunnel and MichaelTheis

Good news for our Australian KODA fans! We are thrilled to announce that KODA by Kodasema is about to reach the furthest market yet for us: we have signed a licence agreement to bring KODA houses to you with LMPK PTY Ltd based in Perth, WA. If you want to stay in touch with our progress in Australia, then sign up right now, and we’ll keep you posted on when you can place your order and other KODA Australia news!

Several components and finishes for the Australian KODAs will still be shipped from Estonia – this is to make sure that all KODAs in Australia have the same European design feel and touch. At the same time, setting up KODA production in Perth, WA allows us to offer all our clients in Australia the same sweet & short delivery times that KODA is so well known for in Europe.

A KODA is always a KODA, wherever you are: Australian KODAs will have the same high construction quality and energy-efficiency as KODAs elsewhere in the world. The first model we will be able to offer in Australia is the 28,4 sqm KODA Loft, with the first KODA Lofts to be completed and available from June 2022. Other models will follow –  KODA Loft Extended as next, will be available in early 2023.

The team behind our Australian expansion is led by Leanne McKenzie, a talented engineer and tiny housing advocate, and Philip Kemp, a highly skilled carpenter and economist with scope in international and highly challenging settings. Leanne and Philip are both passionate and experienced in equal measure.

​​Leanne has a passion for unique and creative tiny house design. Having travelled around Australia in a camper trailer with her two border collies, and having lived briefly on a cruising yacht sailing the Australian and Asian coastlines, Leanne has an experience-based appreciation for smartly designed small spaces: this makes her a perfect fit with KODA houses.

Ever since helping build the family two-storey home on a small farm when Leanne was in her early teens, it was clear housing was going to feature in her future. Leanne’s desire is to provide Australians with access to uniquely designed, finely crafted energy-efficient housing. She aims to show how tastefully designed small spaces can fit perfectly into amazing Australian landscapes, opening up a whole new way of living.

Quick question: why did you choose to collaborate with Kodasema?

Leanne: “I am very keen to demonstrate the value of KODA as a superior product across Australia, transport is a necessary evil in our expansive country that we are very often unaware of, but I do believe KODA offers enormous value in its capability to be moved to any difficult, hard to reach location. That is core to its unique value.”

Philip Kemp made his start in construction when he was 14 years old, building pergolas and decks for family friends and relatives. He enjoys being a carpenter and working with timber. Having a background in management and economics, Philip managed and coordinated building projects in challenging environments in Asia, which led to a keen interest in education and developing trade skills within the local unskilled labour forces. Teaching as well as creating learning environments for staff and industry is still a passion that Philip fosters today.

Philip’s building company in Perth, WA has years of experience building luxury beach and riverfront homes, apartment buildings, schools, police and government buildings, even airport structures. He is an active volunteer participant in the construction industry with the Master Builders Association of WA. His roles at the MBA have allowed him to participate in and lobby state and federal decision makers for positive outcomes for the construction industry in Australia.

Being a keen advocate for small and modular housing, his love for timber building innovation and industry leadership in the implementation and use of virtual building and component design software, makes him and our KODA houses a natural match.

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The very first KODA Loft houses built in Australia will be available for viewing in June 2022 in Perth. To purchase the very first KODAs, please sign up for a price offer on our website.