Delivering all the answers: a KODA FAQ!

KODA Loft interior in Hanover_hanova_photo by_Henning Stauch

You – our fans and clients – keep asking us the most inspiring questions when it comes to KODA! Whether it’s about delivery by a helicopter or whether the KODAs are ocean-proof or something simpler, such as whether KODA can have a side window or how soundproof KODA is, your questions are a great source of inspiration, showing us where you’d need more info, as well as a driving force for KODA product and service development.

Some questions come up more than others, so we’ve compiled our first Frequently Asked Questions section for KODA web. So if there’s anything about our KODAs you are looking for an answer to, take a look >>>

Also: if, after reading, there’s still something about KODA – our design, transport, production, etc – that you can’t find an answer to, then send us your question and we’ll work it out for you!