KODA as a place for ART

Björn Koop KODA Tape art

KODA design is pretty universal, so all our houses function really well both as homes and offices; many are used as hotels or showrooms.

But we do like to see the scale of possible use cases grow, and after a series of unrelated events, it looks like KODAs seem to make a good match with…art. We have had the pleasure of hosting a micro art exhibition in a KODA by Andres Koort, and also a KODA transformed into a stand-alone piece of art itself at the famous Jupiter Artland in Scotland.

We also had the pleasure to experience a well-known Estonian car-designer Björn Koop creating his famous tape painting on the KODA front facade at the Tallinn Architecture Biennale in 2015. The latest art-event was having a KODA function as a welcoming hub for the guests at the 8th Artishok art biennial.

It is fascinating how art, architecture and modern cityscapes come together and support interdisciplinary collaboration. This results in added value to our daily lives, broadening our minds and inviting us to reach out to each other across cultures and disciplines. This kind of thinking offers alternative opportunities to experiment with dynamic cities and innovative use of space on a smaller scale than usual. KODA gives a chance to experience art not in the form of a big gallery or a museum, but rather make it more tangible and bring art closer to people, to places that might not have enough room for art otherwise.

Curators have found KODAs wonderfully fitting for exhibitions and art performances, hence here is an opportunity to broaden your mind when in search for alternative art spaces.

KODA Art Events