Fastest way to your own KODA Loft Micro – get yours by THIS AUGUST!

KODA Loft Micro at night By Tõnu Tunnel

Since we receive many enquiries for immediate delivery, we have secretly planned a limited number of KODA Loft Micros for summer production and they will be available for delivery this August. Our KODA Loft Micro is famed for quick and easy installation and makes for an aesthetic turn-key addition to your backyard.

There is a small batch of 19.9 sqm KODA Loft Micro houses in our summer production schedule, but place your order fast: these are ‘first come, first serve’. Regular delivery time for KODA orders currently starts from 25 weeks, depending on the number of units per order, so this truly is your grab-and-run opportunity. See KODA Loft Micro equipment here.

For a fully furnished experience we are happy to add reading lamps, a sofa bed, mattresses and curtains from our trusted partners among the best Estonian producers and retailers, at an extra cost.

>>>> A reminder: in Estonia, you can now finance the purchase of your KODAs by lease – exactly like cars – by LHV Bank. Enquire about your financing options regionally with relevant local institutions.

Experience KODA Loft Micro in Estonia at Kai Studio Hotel and in Belgium at the Luxury cabin in the woods.

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