A more affordable KODA Economy series in 2023 – your thoughts?

KODA_wall photo by Getter Raiend

Since its launch in 2016, KODA by Kodasema houses have gained traction across functions and locations throughout the globe. The KODA brand is known for its stringent approach when it comes to aesthetics, architecture, design, quality, energy efficiency and user experience. There is probably no other product on the market that offers similar value for your money.

Responding to market demand in Europe for a KODA with lower investment threshold – since many of you have been asking with readiness to compromise – we consider launching a more affordable KODA product series in 2023. Retaining our high demands for energy efficiency and design, KODA Economy line may compromise on turnkey equipment list and simplify the choice of finishing materials. We are aiming to add a series that is more affordable than the original KODA by Kodasema which will continue to remain our main focus and flagship line.

We are interested in hearing what you think – those of you who have been dreaming of a more affordable KODA. Please share your thoughts with us.

As Kodasema has evolved, we have gained extensive experience when working with different materials and user experiences for a different setting, ranging from homes and office space to hotels, or simply secondary homes in the countryside, and student apartments.

Not compromising on the build, energy efficiency and structure, we consider making a KODA Economy series that has alternative materials in the interior and bathroom as well as making changes in the turnkey equipment list to provide savings through efficiency of the production process and material cost. We’d like to know what you think.

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