KODA production maintained the German Ü-Mark certificate

Florian Bauer with Kodasema team web

In September 2022, Kodasema’s Estonian manufacturing successfully passed the scheduled assessment by BMFcert GmbH, a German certification body, resulting in the successful maintenance of the German Ü-Mark Certificate Reg.nr 15006-HT-2021-1 – which we’re really proud of. What does this mean for you as a customer? Technically speaking, this certificate confirms that the wall, ceiling and roofing elements of KODAs comply with technical rules published in the administrative rules for technical construction regulations. Simply put, it provides proof of KODAs being excellent tiny prefab houses.

The process was conducted by Florian Bauer, Managing Director of BMFcert GmbH, accompanied by our German projects engineer Ralf Steimetz and from Kodasema, our technical and logistics manager Heido Türk.

Florian Bauer carries out third-party inspections required by German and European building law. BMFcert GmbH is active throughout Europe and offers, among other things, monitoring and certification in the areas of prefabricated timber and modular steel construction and the sorting of construction timber.

Carrying out the process, Mr Bauer noted that with its high degree of prefabrication and standardised products, the production of KODA houses reminds him of the furniture industry. He also pointed out how this new generation of construction, represented by Kodasema, operates without constraints by weather, thus offering planning security for customers.

“Especially the factory production control, which characterises the certification of closed timber panel elements, can be implemented and further developed very well with these consistent production processes,” he added.

It matters to us at Kodasema to offer our customers high quality KODAs with top level craftsmanship and also compatibility with international standards, and we’re very proud to maintain our certificate from BMFcert GmbH for the third consecutive year. According to Heido Türk, our team works with high precision and discipline and only this makes it possible to cooperate with professional certification teams. Standardisation is the key in high-quality prefabrication of houses. KODAs’ production is simplified and standardised due to the build up of all constructional elements having a similar pattern of beams, layers and fastenings. This allows for extreme efficiency in overseeing the production process and entire procedure of quality control. No matter what size KODA you choose, from Micro to Loft Extended, the quality will always be the same.

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