Sustainable living in cities and communities

Kodasema uses design, materials and building methods that provide energy, thermal, acoustic, space and functional efficiencies in a future-proof movable KODA house.

Responsible production and consumption KODASEMA

Responsible production and consumption

When living in a smaller housing unit we automatically consume less.

Mobility and multi-functionality KODASEMA

Mobility and multi-functionality

A KODA is securely fixed to the ground if need be, but that can be picked up and transported to new locations. This enables urban infill housing to pop up when and where most needed. Furthermore, its function varies from living to working, service, school classroom, dental practice, shop or senior home for example.


Sustainable and efficient construction KODASEMA

Sustainable and efficient construction

Our aim is to reduce waste and CO2 footprint in the construction industry globally. Offsite production ensures avoidance of humidity during the building process. on the contrary to traffic congestion when travelling to onsite build in urban areas, offsite production optimises travel time and reduces CO2 of builders getting to work. Houses are produced like cars while addressing sustainability issues and reducing ecological footprint per living unit.


Award-winning design KODASEMA

Award-winning design

In addition to innovative building methods, every inch of the compact KODA has been carefully planned without any compromises in quality – numerous architecture awards proving the concept value.


Smart cities KODASEMA

Smart cities

Smart housing for most of us means technology. To Kodasema however, it starts with a person of integrity who thinks and acts sustainably. Therefore, we wish to contribute to a better quality of life, healthier
communities, happier people and diversity resulting in smart cities, where human needs are the core values.


Re-thinking real-estate KODASEMA

Re-thinking real-estate

Now, with rapidly changing urban planning we need to be flexible and move with the buzz to new locations creating functional diversity for people near their homes. KODA gives eco friendly solutions to hotels and popular apartments to rent.




Wood is a renewable material that absorbs CO2. There are few alternatives to wood as an environmentally friendly material. The construction of a wooden house takes far less energy, carbon, and water than other raw materials. Let’s bring the forest to the city! As a wooden house is a storage of CO2, bringing it to cities improves the urban environment and gives wood new life in buildings for hundreds of years.




As a recognition of the environmentally friendly focus at Kodasema, we have received the following awards:


Outstanding Property Award LondonTM
Winner 2019 / Property Development / Prefab homes
Winner 2019 / Property Development / Sustainable/Environmental Development


DNA Paris 2019

Winner in Interior Design/Sustainable Living Winner in Architecture/Green Architecture – KODA Park – pop-up urban village

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