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To create even more space and compact versatility, the timber structured KODA Loft gained an addition. The 486.5 sq. ft KODA Loft Extended caters for broader needs offering an extra room at the back of the house. Nordic feel and finest design for all year round living are the values carried forward in the KODA Loft Extended.

As a living unit, this size can accommodate families more easily than the KODA standard-sized units. The house gives more privacy with a completely separable sleeping area, but also offering sufficient storage space for a convenient stay. The additional mezzanine in the bedroom gives the freedom to decide whether to use it as an extra sleeping, kids’ or storage area.

  • KODA Loft Extended_living space natural light Photo by TonuTunnel.com

Even the extended version of the KODA house can move with its owner or tenant to another town or country, and its functionality can be changed from a living area to an office, hotel room or studio for example.

For professional use, this size enables to have two separate office spaces and becomes even suitable for lawyers, hairdressers, dentists, cafés etc. In the accommodation industry (hotellerie), the extended size serves well as a suite or a family room.

KODA Loft Extended_living space towards main window black door_Photo by_TonuTunnel.com

The architecture of the KODA Loft Extended accommodates an extra door or even a terrace at the back of the house to open up the morning view into the back yard or nature, be it lakeside, mountains or forests in the surroundings.

Just as the KODA Loft, the Extended model allows for various exterior finishes for the utmost favourite look as well as for blending into the community.

Head Architect Ülar Mark, Maria Alnek
Interior Architect Angela Orgusaar

  • KODA Loft Extended zinc facade with nature_Photo by TonuTunnel.com

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