1-2-3 of how not to fail your New Year’s resolutions: start early!


It’s time for looking back, assessing 2022 and looking forward. What will you change? What will you keep? Promises are made – and from what we’ve heard KODA fans say, some of you are planning to branch out to new lifestyles, some are planning to make your ecological footprint on the world smaller, some of you look to bring family closer, or change jobs, or finally move away to where you always wanted to be.

We might not be able to help you with all of your New Year’s resolutions, but with all of these – we can, because this all is what KODA houses are designed for. And: we have a batch of European spec KODA Loft Micros available for shipping in mid-February, so you can kick start the change in your life, today. First come, first serve, until stock lasts. Use the code KODA4FEB

See KODA Loft Micro product sheet and brochure here.

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