Will your KODA be warm enough, cool enough?

Nilan device in KODA houses

The answer is: both! KODA houses correspond to the most stringent energy efficiency regulations. The KODA brand stands for a sustainable house. All our KODA designs – from 19,9 to 51 sqm – are designed to be energy efficient and adaptable to different climates and environments, ranging from cold to warm and dry to humid.

KODA houses are built using environmentally friendly materials and are designed to meet the highest energy efficiency standards, such as Passivhaus in Europe (Germany) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in the US.

Features that contribute to the energy efficiency of KODA houses:

  • KODA houses are designed with the most efficient insulation materials in the walls, roof and floor, which helps to reduce heat loss and keep the interior comfortable in cold weather.
  • The airtight design of KODA houses helps to reduce drafts and minimise heat loss.
  • The triple-glazed windows in KODA houses are designed to be highly energy efficient with low-emissivity coatings that reduce heat loss and high-quality seals that prevent drafts.
  • Many KODA houses have been locally – upon delivery – equipped with solar panels to generate electricity from sunlight and help to reduce the home’s reliance on the grid.

All KODA houses have electric floor heating, with different zoning for maximum comfort. KODAs are also equipped with energy-efficient appliances and systems, i.e. NILAN heat pumps, to help reduce energy consumption and maximise heat recovery. There is an optional water boiler equipped with a separate heat pump for regions such as Switzerland.

In addition, the compact size and innovative design makes KODAs well-suited for use in urban areas, where they can help reduce sprawl and redensify city blocks. By the way, did you know that the horizontal “shelf” you can spot on the signature KODA facade, is designed with the purpose of  keeping excess sun away?

Kodasema CEO is welcomed by Nilan founder Torben Andersen in the factory in Hedensted, Denmark
Kodasema CEO is welcomed by Nilan founder Torben Andersen in the factory in Hedensted, Denmark

Cooling is an important KODA feature for many partners around the world. We have sometimes had to reply to concerned future customers: does the NILAN ventilation unit with heat recovery cool the house enough? The efficient NILAN heat pumps used in KODAs ensure sufficient cooling even in the hottest seasons of Spain or elsewhere in southern Europe. The device consumes only 400W/hour, which is the equivalent of having 4 light bulbs on and not every hour of the day as the insulation of KODA maintains the temperature well.

The heat pump has a reversible cooling circuit that can cool the supply air to 14ºC (57.2°F) when necessary during hotter seasons. When cooled down, the outdoor air will condense, which means the air humidity level will become lower in the dwelling. It is easier to cope with the heat when the indoor air humidity level is low. That is why we call it “comfort cooling”.

Overall, the energy efficiency of KODA houses makes them an attractive option for people looking to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.