Two-storey KODA Park in Austria: completed!

Two storey KODA Park in Höchst, Austria

There are now happy customers enjoying their view from just a bit higher: the long-awaited two-storey KODA project in Austria has now been completed. The first project between Harmet construction super-factory and Kodasema has been a huge success and proves a splendid pathway for the supply of larger batches of KODAs on a more automated and industrial scale.

The start of the cooperation with Harmet, one of the largest modular timber frame house producers in the region, goes back to 2019. It is important for two reasons. Firstly, marking an increase in KODA production capacity and speed for large-scale projects. Secondly, unveiling Harmet’s super factory as a major production force with its 28 years of experience, annual capacity of at least 7,000 modules and a whopping 800 employees. We can now build properties with KODAs on nearly any scale.

The KODA Park Höchst project is a mixed use 2-storey hotel-office property in the beautiful Vorarlberg region in Western Austria, in equal vicinity of vibrant Munich and Zurich, developed by our talented lawyer-turned-property-developer-turned-innovator-of-bold-ideas, Mr Dieter Helbok. KODA Park Höchst is an example of live-work-play in the sense of combining a lawyer’s office, coworking lifestyle space and a boutique hotel.

“I am a lawyer, and I used to run my office on Church Square in Höchst for 22 years. Meeting KODA completely changed my life. We invested in a 2-storey KODA Park property on our family’s land with beautiful views on the greenery of the surroundings and lake Constance (Bodensee),” Dieter Helbok describes his KODA Park Höchst property development. “What makes a KODA house so unique cannot be put into words. KODA House is a feeling of life. Thanks to the patented modular design, KODA houses can be erected in no time at all for apartments, hotels, offices, shops, cafes, studios or transformed into complex multi-storey buildings just like my own KODA Park. KODA is energizing and will keep us young forever,” he goes on to add with hope and determination.

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