The wood on your KODA facade: where does it come from?

KODA facade by Raitwood with Raitwood logo

When we shifted Kodasema’s focus from designing and building concrete houses to timber-frame KODAs, the decision created several advantages. KODAs became lighter – which meant our customers started saving money on transport and handling costs, as well as price. KODA design also became more flexible, resulting in different KODA models, bigger and smaller. Wooden KODAs also leave more room for customisations. You’d like side windows? Yes, we can do this now! We are also proud to be the representatives of the Estonian timber construction know-how – Estonia being Europe’s largest factory-built, modular timber house exporter.

One of the key advantages however has been sustainability of wood as a material, which we now use in the structure but also as our standard exterior and interior finishing for European KODAs. In our News we will be talking about the different timber that is used in KODAs. This time we dig deeper about the KODA facade. 🌲 The timber cladding of KODAs is made of spruce planed boards produced in Estonia under stringent quality and sustainability principles 🌲

Timber is an authentic, eco-friendly, healthy and the only truly-renewable construction material of the future. Kodasema’s main panelling timber supplier Raitwood, in addition to providing the Estonian market with timber, has been exporting timber to around 40 countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australasia for more than 30 years.

Kodasema CEO, Birgit Linnamäe is happy to be working with Raitwood due to their extensive knowledge of wood processing and coating. Having a reliable and competent partner for Kodasema’s timber supply chain is an essential part of KODA quality assurance, corporate responsibility and value chain.

“We champion the use of Nordic wood as part of a sustainable lifestyle. If used correctly, it can be one of the key solutions to climate change,” states the Chairman of the Board at Raitwood, Ivar Dembovski.

Wall panelling boards, also known as the Soffit boards or the HS4K used for KODAs, are of high Nordic AB-grade timber and are industrially primed and coated on all four sides. The timber is sourced according to FSC and PEFC sustainability principles and produced according to European standard EN 14915:2013. These panelling boards are coated with Sikkens Rubbol Facade Special, to make sure they endure normal environmental conditions and require a fresh coat only after 7 to 15 years.

Ivar Dembovski adds: “What we make from softwood finds its way as a finishing and construction material to master craftsmen who appreciate timber for its sustainable qualities. We are excited to work with like-minded partners and clients who appreciate the range of possibilities, quality and precision we offer, as well as our trustworthiness, proactive attitude and years of experience.” We at Kodasema could not agree more: giving extra value to Raitwood timber with our design and construction know-how results in top-quality KODAs that our fans love.