Stunning KODA hotel locations in Norway

KODA High End Sea Cabins Norway PhotoBy_Alberto Fernandez Garcia

Have you seen the magnificent Lofoten in Norway? “Lofoten is like a wall in the turbulent Norwegian Sea north of the Arctic Circle. The wild outpost has majestic mountains, deep fjords, screaming seabird colonies and long, white beaches where only the toughest swim,” described by Lofoten Homes, which is also a nest for multiple KODAs.

Lofoten is in the process of achieving the label for Sustainable Destinations, a quality label for destinations that has started systematic work to reduce the negative impact of tourism on the environment. In addition to offering guests good experiences, the destination also wants to take care of the place’s nature, culture and environment, strengthen social values and be financially viable.

KODAs make for a perfect match to this wild and delicate destination with our small ecological footprint and minimum disturbance to the environment during installation. KODAs in Lofoten are an excellent reference project for any hotel developer in a similar region, looking for environmentally friendly solutions that are also executed quickly.

Another Lofoten holiday rental with KODA houses is called the High End Sea Cabins, right on the waterfront. Here are some of the testimonials from guests staying there:

“Our stay has been perfect. The house is new, clean, well thought out and has an absolutely fantastic view of the sea. Fantastic experience. Also, very good location for hiking during the day: Munken, Tindstingen… I recommend it and would love to come back!” – Mathieu

“Beautiful, extra clean, with a top-class location and view. A stone’s throw into the center of the idyllic village. Right for active hikers to stay. Quality and compact performance with a fantastic view of the cabin. A functional, small kitchen.”  – Jaana

Should this be your destination, do book a stay at High End Sea Cabins.

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