Energy Efficiency Regulations and KODAs

KODA Loft terrace_Photo_by_Falco_Peters

Many of you keep asking how KODA houses fulfil the energy efficiency requirements in various countries. Here’s a simple explanation.

In an energy-efficient house, there are two parameters that must be observed: firstly the  constructional thermal protection or insulation of the house itself, and secondly the primary energy source – from where the house gets its energy (wind, solar, centralised etc).

Firstly, regarding the constructional thermal protection, rest assured that your KODAs are very well insulated using mineral wool with thermal conductivity value Lambda λ (W/mK) 0.033 and wood. The U-values of KODA constructional elements range between 0,13 and 0,18 W/m²K which is very good. Furthermore, the triple-glazed windows and doors of all KODAs correspond to passive house criteria.

Whilst for your comfort all* KODAs have electrical floor heating included in  standard equipment, it is your decision as the KODA community developer whether to include a heat pump from our extra equipment list. It is important to note that the heat pumps installed in KODAs at our factories are specially selected to have no extending external parts – both to maintain visual aesthetic and keep neighbourhood noise level low.

Secondly, it matters what the primary source of your energy is. You will want to use as much energy as possible that comes from renewable sources such as the sun, biomass or wind. Some developers may have an air-to-water heat pump or a solar system in the main building and wish to share the technical network with the KODAs added to the site. The solutions vary.

Germany being one of Kodasema’s main markets, we closely monitor the guidelines of KFW, one of the world’s leading promotional banks. To read more about promotional loans, see here. Looking at a current KFW supported project or guidelines of the Passive House Association in Germany, the thermal values ​​of KODAs together with its passive house windows and doors, the energy efficiency parameters  significantly exceed what is minimum for receiving funding through the home ownership programme of KFW or qualifying as a sustainable climate friendly new construction.

*regional differences may apply