A brand new KODA hotel in Spain!

Ecolodge at Almoguera, Monte de la torre estate

We are proud to present the first-ever KODA hotel project in Spain – Ecolodge at Almoguera on Monte de la Torre estate in the municipality of Los Barrios. In the sunny mediterranean Andalucia, a setting of KODAs has been installed next to the beautiful wedding venue Hacienda Almoguera. The estate has a long history, being built by the Larios family at the turn of the 1800s, and continues to be owned and managed by the sixth generation of the same family.

The KODAs are situated in an area overlooking the Bay of Gibraltar, offering spectacular views of the natural cork forest between Sotogrande and the beaches of Tarifa. The historical atmosphere is captured by maintaining an old bullring, today converted into a pool.

Tom Agnew Larios, one of the owners of the KODAs says: “We chose KODA because of the excellent design and high quality finish. This is something new and unique in the area with a Nordic touch which we are excited to offer to our customers.”

“The ease with which the new Andalucian KODA hotel was set up embodies the disruption Kodasema brings to the construction scene. Also, all houses have to persevere through change – a change of how people live and of our need for space throughout life. The houses in our lives, whether they are homes, offices or other spaces we use, have to serve people’s ever changing needs, whilst feeding our inspiration. With KODAs, we’ve set out to create a product that is both fast to set up and adapt, and durable throughout change – and Kodasema is incredibly lucky to have investors ready to explore this search for the best disruption. These movable KODA houses at Ecolodge at Almoguera demonstrate the change of how cities will be built, and changed, in our lifetime,” says Kodasema CEO Birgit Linnamäe.

For all of you chasing the sun, KODAs at the Monte de la Torre estate have just become available for bookings via Airbnb. Here’s your chance to be among the first guests!

If this has inspired you to set up your own KODA hotel or expand your current one, get in touch now! The offer for KODA Lofts and Loft Micros is still open, making it even easier to be ready by the next season!