What is included in a standard-issue wooden frame KODA?

KODA Loft Extended standard kitchen with added compact oven

All KODAs are ‘turn-key’ – that refers to a house having all the essentials needed for life. However, quite a few of you have asked us what exactly does a standard-issue KODA include.

Standard-equipped KODAs made in our European manufacturing hubs will all have the following:

A fully finished (timber) structure with mineral wool insulation layers as well as interior and exterior finish. Exterior finish is timber cladding spruce/pine with alternatives of cement or aluminium composite panels as well as the very stylish metal cladding.

Interior finishes birch plywood with laminate flooring, but natural engineered wooden floors are available upon request. Your bathrooms arrive fully tiled and include sanitary equipment – a washbasin, faucets, toilet – as well as an under-sink cabinet and a mirror in the Extended KODA model. Glass shower doors are available at extra cost.

All windows used in KODAs are three-ply passive house windows by certified Estonian manufacturer Viking Window. We also include the UV protection to the glass, as this protects the interior finish and furnishing from sun-related photodegradation.

Our standard electrical installation has been based on the German requirements with electrical floor heating, corner-mounted LED lights as well as switches and sockets. Country-specific (e.g. UK, IE, NO) electrical adaptions are available at extra cost. The standard equipment also includes a ventilation system and a 65L water boiler. Cooling systems can be chosen from our premium selection as extras.

All KODA models include a kitchen or a kitchenette with a sink, mixer, a fridge and a 2-zone induction cooker. There is room for extra equipment such as extra cabinets, a dishwasher, an oven, a kitchen hood and a 4-zone cooker – all details depending on your preferred KODA model.

There are a number of other extras we can include for different KODAs, such as keyless entrance smart locks, wifi controllers for electrical floor heating, side windows, etc. More and more customers also choose to order their KODAs along with all the furniture, curtains, lamps, coffee tables  – we have a selection of furnishing sets you can easily take your pick from.

As an example – here is the KODA Loft Extended brochure for a better overview.

*Photo showing a standard equipped KODA Loft Extended kitchen with a compact oven added from the premium equipment.