Two-Storey KODA Park and Hotel ready soon in Höchst, Austria

KODA Park Höchst installation photo by Dieter Helbok

Investor, lawyer and a property developer Dieter Helbok has been working on a larger multifunctional KODA property in Höchst, Austria. The Park will consist of a hotel and offices in 7 KODAs and once completed will be two-storey high: KODA Loft Extended units on the ground floor and KODA Loft units on top together with a terrace with a view to the beautiful Bodensee Lake.

The deal was signed in spring 2021, after which the planning and production started. The idea was to repurpose a site by demolishing an old existing building and with minimal disturbance to the neighbourhood, create a contemporary building in its place. The new setup will quickly give a fresh and aesthetic look to the neighbourhood.

The ground floor i.e the KODA Loft Extended units have already arrived and can be viewed by appointment via: Dieter Helbok.

If you wish to invest and install KODA houses in Austria and need a local architect, please contact Gerhard Fuchs, who is well acquainted with KODAs and can assist with building permit applications and planning in Austria. If you wish to buy your KODAs in Austria, please contact Dieter Helbok via the web form: KODA Haus or mobile +43664358806.