Time to invest in KODA retreats in Norway

KODA Concrete houses in Lofoten, Norway

In August 2021, Statistics Norway recorded the highest number of Norwegian overnights in four years with 3,521,091 domestic overnights. This is 21% more than for the respective month in 2020 and 19% more than 2019. With fewer travel restrictions in place by the end of September 2021, a record number of guest nights was attained in October with a total of 2,362,975 overnights (domestic and international). This represents an increase of nearly 6% compared to 2019. In November 2021 the number of overnights reached the same level as before the pandemic in November 2019.

Such rapid regrowth means Norwegian hotel developers are actively looking for ways to add accommodation units without turning a hotel into a construction site for an extended period. KODAs being a fast, flexible and well designed, high-quality option are perfect for the job. So get in touch if investing in tiny house retreats is something you are considering!

Our recent weeks have shown that the accommodation business developers in Norway find KODAs very much suitable for their businesses. The first investors have already received their first KODAs and the next batch is in production to be delivered in a month.

Keen to expand or set up your accommodation with KODAs? Contact us via sales@kodasema.com

On the photo: two KODA Concrete houses in Lofoten, Norway >>>