More tiny houses into your city – a visit to Hanover

Kodsema CEO in Hanover KODA community

Kodasema CEO Birgit Linnamäe visited Hanover this March to see how the tenants have settled in the municipal hanova KODA development and discussed new projects with Karsten Klaus, head of hanova Wohnen GmbH.

The hanova tiny house project with KODAs sets an example for other municipal governments and developers to make use of space and aesthetically enrich our cities with top quality architecture while creating new healthy and calm living environment.

KODAs provide an ideal way of creating pocket neighbourhoods where people don’t need to individually own much, but rather share with their neighbours and friends next door – such as sharing pots and pans, irons and waffle makers or other small appliances as they do in the Roesebeckstrasse KODA community.

“Trendy tiny house clusters have a lot of potential on other sites in Hanover,“ says Karsten Klaus. He goes on to add: “As a municipal real estate company, we see it as our responsibility to actively shape urban development and, as a pioneer, to set new residential impulses. We are exploring establishing tiny house communities together with Kodasema elsewhere also on a much bigger scale”.

“Our cooperation in Hanover with hanova proves that fast and flexible solutions to housing problems are possible, as long as there is a will to act,” adds Birgit Linnamäe. “We have the know-how and capacity to produce high quality living spaces very quickly – whilst developers, investors and municipalities have the land and knowledge, where the city’s communities could and should be erected, to the benefit of its  people”.

An agreement between hanova and Kodasema was signed in February 2021, after a mere six-month process of permitting, configuration and contracting – which means that within just a year from the initial contact between the companies, four KODAs were installed in district Linden Süd, central Hanover in July 2021, ready for tenants to move in.

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Want to see this happen in your own city? We’re happy to advise municipalities and real estate developers looking to add rental home space to densify urban areas, and share our experience. Get in touch and let’s see what we can make happen for your city!