KODA Park Höchst officially open in Austria

KODA Park Höchst is a two-storey property set in the most beautiful valley landscape in Höchst, Austria, just a few minutes from Switzerland and a 90-minute drive from Munich, Germany. Developed by Dieter Helbok, a property developer, innovation enthusiast and lawyer, KODA Park Höchst is a uniquely designed stacked property, consisting of 7 KODA houses and currently providing space for a lawyer’s office, meeting room and co-working space as well as hotel and rental apartments. Architect Gerhard Fuchs has nicely considered the scenery, so that a best set of views was achieved when designing the placement of the upstairs 3 KODA Loft units and the terraces, overlooking all the greenery.

This July, our Kodasema team was happy to take part in the grand opening of KODA Park Höchst and meet up with the gamechangers making the difference with innovative ways of urban planning.

The opening ceremony brought together many international KODA fans, customers, partners, and interested parties working on new property developments. People arrived from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and all over Austria, as the event was attended by local government, celebrities, business owners, media, neighbours and friends. Nothing warms the designers and builders of a product such as KODA more than to see happy customers sharing their joy in completing a project with others! Read more in the article (in German).

A personal note: during the marathon of meetings, we managed to practise early morning yoga with Katja Helbok, do morning runs and swim in picturesque Lake Constance or Bodensee as it is referred to in German, and talk work and plans with local harbour business owners in Höchst, before the days even started for most. 

Thankful for all the hospitality extended to us during our visit,  we look forward to the new KODA developments popping up in Vorarlberg Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Northern Italy and elsewhere very soon.

Birgit & Kelli

>>> Read more in the article in German