2 exclusive KODA investment spots available at Altkalen, Germany

Packaged KODA house with sun

2 new exclusive KODA investment spots available at Altkalen, Germany, as holiday community development enters 2nd phase

Mecklenburg-Vorpommen, Niedersachsen and Schleswig-Holstein tend to be the regional hotspots when it comes to tiny housing in Germany.

KODA houses have inspired small property developers in many countries. An innovative example of a small KODA holiday community development is located in Altkalen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommen, Northern Germany. This beautiful location is where Mrs Ursula Venbert and landgast.com / 26quadrat are developing a holiday community site with multiple KODA units.

The developer rents the land with all infrastructure to KODA owners for 10 years. The first phase with 2 KODA Loft houses is nearly ready. Surprisingly, all it took was 6 months: from date of order to delivery. The site has utility connections available, so that your house can be instantly connected to water, sewage and power. In addition to the KODAs, the developer has committed to building a farmhouse to be permanently inhabited.

This tranquil KODA holiday complex is located on the edge of an old Mecklenburg village, close to two lakes and a stunning landscape, away from the tourist buzz. Whilst the 1st phase is completed, there are two exclusive KODA spots left in the 2nd phase. One of these could be yours!

The site is approved for four KODA Loft houses on a 200 sqm plot of lawn. Each house has almost 30 sqm of living space and comes with a private terrace for a barbecue, a planted garden and a parking space. The equipment includes a large double bed, a modern kitchen, garden furniture and a WiFi connection.

It is up to the KODA owners to decide whether to use their KODA houses for living, having it for private holidays or rather rent out to guests or a combination of these.

We spoke to the talented Ursula Venbert about her development over a weekend in the middle of March, capturing her initiative and bravery that will inspire others to pursue their dreams. READ the interview with Ursula Venbert below:

Landgast community developer Ursula VenbertHow are you doing with the new developments, what are your plans for the near future? We look forward to installing the first two KODA Loft tiny houses in Altkalen! Our leasehold offer for this is experiencing great interest. We offer plots of land in an extremely quiet and spacious landscape. We also combine living in a tiny house with an exclusive residential complex for four houses, including a sauna and a café lounge.

In the next step we will develop additional plots for sale. Altkalen and the surrounding area is characterised by its proximity to the Baltic Sea and the lake district, without the hustle and bustle of tourism.

What brought you to the topic of small living arrangements and how did you discover KODA? Personally, I’ve been interested in the topic of tiny houses for a long time. With the coronavirus pandemic came the home office and with it the opportunity to work in rural areas for my large corporation. With the purchase of the listed barn and the large plot of land, we had the idea of ​​sharing this wonderful location with other tiny house lovers. KODA immediately convinced me with its design, quality and mobility. We have therefore applied for and received the building permit exclusively for KODA Loft and KODA Loft Extended.

Can you please describe how KODAs are used at your beautiful location: are they for rent or used more as private holiday homes? Our KODA Loft owners work in the big city and use their tiny house as an additional rural home. For the time they can’t be there, we provide the rental service for holiday makers for their KODAs. This way, we also ensure an attractive return.

Being experienced in real estate development – how do you see the values, lifestyles and philosophies of investors? What is a typical KODA owner looking for? With a tiny house, an investor can make rural living or a second home or even a primary home affordable. I have the freedom of having my own house and still manage my life, which many of our prospective customers expressly want. Our customers are making this choice and having the award-winning design of KODA on offer makes this choice even easier. The spatial limits of the home office can be wonderfully supplemented with quality of life in nature and space.

So far, your customers and partners, the investors in Landgast have mostly been women – is it a coincidence? In fact, we mostly have female prospects. You have the decisive drive for the idea. A willingness to innovate, independence, as well as the ability and will to adapt are important qualities for this.

How can a tiny house pay off for me? In our model, with very conservative calculations, we assume that a return of at least 3-6% is possible through holiday rentals. The demand for rural tiny houses has almost doubled since the start of the pandemic. With this calculation, the house is only used to a third of its capacity per year. This means that I can combine the investment for my quality of life with a good investment for my finances. In addition, I can remain flexible and use the after-sales market for KODA. The house also remains relocatable. All this makes the decision easy – and extremely attractive in times of low interest rates and high housing prices. Also to ensure a high-quality retirement home that is manageable in terms of costs.

What are the benefits of KODA Tiny House Villages, like your development of multiple units in Altkalen?We deliberately only offer space for four houses to keep the community very exclusive. For this size, however, we can already offer a beautiful sauna and a coffee lounge at a reasonable price. The entire ensemble is an attractive location for weddings, family celebrations and company events. The combination of event and living is in great demand as an alternative to standard gastronomy. We offer a free choice of catering and at the same time high-quality accommodation for up to 20 people.