Introducing KODA Flex

KODA Flex with natural timber facade

Our experience with Kodasema, from the very early days, has shown that people from very different cultures across the world love and appreciate KODA architecture. It has been both a huge compliment and a challenge for us: how to make top quality architecture accessible and available to a greater number of people.

When we designed and produced the original KODA Concrete, it seemed we had nailed it, as the house won numerous architectural awards. However, the cost of materials and the not-insignificant weight of the KODA Concrete made it complicated to deliver – both physically and price-wise.

We then shifted to producing a more affordable and sustainable timber frame KODAs, which did prove itself to be more accessible to people around the world. Nevertheless, we experienced that there are people who would appreciate an even simpler, more trimmed version of KODA.  Especially in the era of high and seemingly still-rising interest rates, there is a growing need for a more affordable KODA model.

Therefore, today we are happy to introduce to you a new member of the KODA family – the KODA Flex.

The same award-winning design, the same attention to detail, the same focus on quality, still turn-key multifunctional. Different production method and materials, substantially lower price – still a KODA.

KODA Flex livingroom cross section

KODA Flex is designed to complement the existing KODA portfolio with a more affordable and adaptable model. We have created this new model with everyday functionality and a practical sense of beauty in mind. The KODA Flex is fitted with features that offer you more freedom to design and plan your life inside the home.

Like our other models, Flex is a turn-key house equipped with interior finishes, bathroom-toilet and connections for a kitchen installation already in place. You have the option to have a window or a door in the rear wall, as well a choice of two locations for your kitchenette. The kitchenette itself can be provided by us, or you can have it installed locally, by yourselves later in time. We use timber cladding and metal on the exterior finish.

KODA Flex is designed for year-round living: the house is insulated to make it suitable for properly cold climates. We have included a heat pump in the equipment by default. Floor heating can be added upon request. The footprint is identical to the KODA Loft (25.8 sqm) as is the weight (i.e. 9 tonnes).

Like all other KODAs, it is delivered to you on a low-bed truck – there is no assembly on site, just a crane lift. You will only need to prepare foundation posts and water, sewage and electricity connections. The guidelines are given by Kodasema, but you will need to bear in mind the local conditions and requirements.

The interior walls expose the wooden structure of your KODA, which double as shelving and are combined with a selection of natural wall panels from felt, plywood, etc. The finishing of the KODA Flex natural materials can be altered (treated, painted etc) however you see fit, or should your needs change.

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KODA Flex livingroom view

So what makes this KODA model more affordable?

The clever design of KODA houses allowed us to change the production method used, when building the KODA Flex. For the Flex series we are using hybrid robotic construction technology, making it possible to use less man-hours, reducing labor costs and significantly speeding up the production process. The latter is important, as it allows us to produce more houses with the same overhead costs, allowing us in turn to lower the margin and the eventual house price to our customers. Our hybrid robotic construction technology has already been used to build 160+ housing modules.

We have also used simpler materials and installed less equipment, but have not compromised on the classic KODA look and feel that came already with the original award-winning KODA.

Below is a comparison of what has changed and what has remained the same.

KODA Flex vs KODA Loft comparison

When and How?

We are currently collecting orders for the first batch of KODA Flex, so if you are interested in being the first to get your KODA Flex before manufacturing capacity is maximized, please visit our website and enquire for a detailed quote.
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