KODA Loft Micro

takes tiny living to a whole new level

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The pocket size buildable-area of the smallest of the KODA Loft models - the Micro - may enable easier permit procedures in many countries. The concept of minimum viable space is fully executed here with environmental consciousness - spending less electricity, having less stuff and producing less waste.

It is only natural, with the tiny house trend sweeping the world, that Kodasema could not resist the temptation to ask our architects and designers to go as tiny as possible.

KODA Loft Micro comes with a kitchenette, a shower room, storage space, a separate sleeping area and a lounge area – all with under 20 sqm.


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KODA Loft Micro interior_Photo credit_TonuTunnel

Kodasema’s renown triple-glazed facade makes this micro version of KODA suitable for any weather and season. Optional large side windows can be integrated for transparency.

The mini architecture technique that the KODA Loft Micro offers, contributes to clutter free, minimalist lifestyle. Own only as much as you really need. The aesthetics and simplicity in your space supports your calm mind and enhanced well-being.

KODA Loft Micro terrace_Photo credit_TonuTunnel

Any size of a KODA falls in the category of Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). No matter the purpose or title, it is an effective option for adding much-needed square feet quickly.

Or if you are looking for large scale development: KODA Loft Micro also adapts well for business-oriented urban infill development projects.

KODA Loft Micro living area_Photo credit_TonuTunnel

The tiny scale also makes KODA Loft Micro more cost-efficient to move, lift and deliver to plots accessible only via narrow roads.

The micro version of the KODA is an affordable aesthetical alternative to a large luxury apartment.

Architects: Maria Alnek, Ülar Mark.
Interior Architect: Maria Alnek, Kadri Tonto

KODA Loft Micro rear windows credit_TonuTunnel

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