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KODA Flex is designed to complement the existing KODA family with a more affordable and adaptable model. The same award-winning design. The same attention to detail. The same focus on quality – still turn-key multifunctional. Different production method and materials. Substantially lower price – still a KODA.

Like all other KODA models, Flex is a turn-key multifunctional house equipped with interior finishes, bathroom-toilet and connections for kitchen installation. It is designed for year-round living: the house is insulated to make it also suitable for properly cold climates.


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KODA Flex brochure
KODA Flex livingroom cross section

For the Flex series we are using hybrid robotic construction technology, making it possible to use less man-hours, reducing labour costs and significantly speeding up the production process.

We have also used simpler materials and installed less equipment, but have not compromised on the classic KODA look and feel that came already with the original award-winning KODA.

KODA Flex livingroom view

The interior walls expose the wooden structure of your KODA, which double as shelving and are combined with a selection of natural wall panels from felt, plywood, etc. The finishing of the KODA Flex natural materials can be altered (treated, painted etc) however you see fit, or should your needs change.

Like other KODAs, the Flex model is delivered as a whole, i.e. turn-key on a truck, there is no assembly on site. You will need a levelled footing, anchoring, a crane for unloading and a local team to connect the house to utilities.

KODA Flex main view in forest

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